Watco - Port Terminal Manager

The port’s 20-acre public terminal complex is managed by Watco Terminal & Port Services, a leading transportation and supply-chain logistics company. The local terminal, a recognized Foreign Trade Zone, offers barge loading and unloading; 98,000 square foot in-transit warehouse; 44,000 square foot dry bulk storage; outside storage; 50- and 70-ton crawler cranes and a 20-ton covered overhead gantry crane; forklifts with 5,000- to 50,000-lb. lift capacity. Numerous common and contract carrier barge lines are certified to serve Pine Bluff. The terminal is owned by the Pine Bluff-Jefferson County Port Authority and operated by Watco Terminal & Port Services. 

Privately owned port fleeting services are available at Pine Bluff. They are located outside the harbor district on the Arkansas River itself and include barge fleeting, cleaning and emergency topside repairs; pumps; towboat servicing and repairs; and crane service.


Watco Terminal & Port Services -- Pine Bluff is located at the heart of the Port of Pine Bluff at 4113 Emmett Sanders Road, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601.


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