Project activity in jefferson county, arkansas


Year Companies Type of Business Investment Jobs
2010 Paper Tigers, Inc. Paper shredding operation $2M 25
2013 L & R Distributors  Purchased SAJ Distributors $15M+ Saved 200
2015 Strong Manufacturing Equipment upgrade $1.8M Retained 30
2016 Kiswire Equipment upgrades $55M Retained 305
2016 Energy Security Partners (announced) Gas-to-liquid facility $3.5B 225
2016 Highland Pellets, LLC Wood fuel pellets $220M 70
2016 Newland, LLC Tool distributor $5M 6
2017/18 Western Foods, LLC Gluten-free flours $6.1M 35
2018 Twin Rivers Paper Co. Purchased local paper mill $19.5M Saved 200
2018/19 Stacked Leasing Trucking operation $6.6M+ 31
2019  Quapaw Nation Saracen Casino Resort $350M 1,100
2019 ReadyOne Industries Sewing operation $283,500 72
2019 Cornerstone Processing Poultry processing $4.775M 150
2021 Tyson Foods - expansion Poultry products $48M 68 
2021 Good Day Farms Medical Marijuana Cultivator $25-35M 200
2021 Arkansas River Rice Rice Mill N/A 20
2021 PeopleShores Technology N/A 25


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