Finding a home

Good news! Pine Bluff offers a wide variety of housing opportunities to suit every taste and budget. In fact, Pine Bluff has been cited as having some of the most affordable housing of any metropolitan area in the United States. From apartments, townhouses and condominiums to single-family homes in suburban residential neighborhoods or acreage in the country, the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County area can meet your needs.

The Pine Bluff Metropolitan Statistical Area also includes, in addition to Jefferson County, adjacent, mostly rural, Cleveland and Lincoln counties. The total 3-county population is 87,804 (2019 Census Population Estimates).

Regardless of your place of employment within the county, commuting time from prime residential areas is fast and easy; typically no more than 10 to 15 minutes, and often less. Delays from traffic congestion are unlikely, and major improvements in the city’s traffic patterns are under way to make travel even more convenient.

Finding an apartment

Apartments are available throughout the city and suburban areas. Visit the Chamber Membership Directory to assist your search. Unit availability varies, depending upon the overall economic conditions in the community, and the number of construction projects or other special conditions that may occur. Generally, a good variety of units, locations and prices will be found. Prices generally range from about $600 to $745 per month for a 2-bedroom upscale unit.

Finding the right house

Pine Bluff offers a wide range of housing opportunities in pleasant, tree-shaded and conveniently located neighborhoods. Housing costs in Pine Bluff are among the lowest in the nation. Custom-built homes in some of the newer subdivisions are ranging from $75 to $90 per square foot, but the typical existing three-bedroom home of more recent construction and containing 1,500 to 1,800 square feet would generally range from the upper $70’s to the lower $100’s.

Spacious and elegant homes in country settings, overlooking a golf course, or in a very fashionable neighborhood can usually be found as well. These range in price from about $250,000 to as high as $950,000. (The median U.S. existing house price for all home types sold in the county in 2020 was $284,600).

There are many highly qualified professional Realtors in the community who will be pleased to show you a variety of homes within your price range, and help to make all of the necessary arrangements for the purchase of a home you’ll love. Many of the Realtors participate in a multi-list program that provides them with current information on listings throughout the area.

Search the Membership Directory first when looking for a local realtor.


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